Frequently Asked Questions

To begin, we resonate with your unquenchable ambition to succeed and provide a better life for those we love. We’re a growing team of entrepreneurs, business owners, nerds and talented people who have dedicated themselves to aid you through the most cutting-edge methods. In short, we’re not a one size/service fits all solution, we deeply analyze your situation and goals to produce the perfect custom plan that truly accelerates your growth!

Furthermore, all of our services have been designed to help entrepreneurs of all sizes to succeed in the most time, money and stress efficient methods; thus using our knowledge and personal experiences, we guide you in the best directions to really thrive. If we do not feel comfortable with being able to help you, we are transparent about it and will suggest alternative solutions. All of our original 8 services that we currently offer are more than enough for any entrepreneurs to ignite and catalyze their online business endeavours.

In some languages within South Asian and the Middle Eastern, “Dil” means heart/soul/passion and “yar” stands for a best friend/someone close to me. It could be understood that Dilyar represents for “A genuine best friend from my heart or an authentic/sincere person that has my back”. We know, it sounds made up and cheesy but it is the first name of our founder and he takes a great pride in it ( *Ahum narcissist!* ). Furthermore, it perfectly aligns our business values that we had been engineering obsessively.
We’ve always been a die-hard fans of approaching new ventures in the most creative and game-changing methods while breaking barriers of the industries we enter. We’ve always strived to, think out side of the box, filling niche markets and consumers through unorthodox methods. With Dilyar, we wanted to convey a refreshing feeling from the other agencies out there. that also gave the vibes of “We’re not afraid to be different!”, “We don’t strive after your money but have your best intentions!”, “Hmm… this is unique, they seem genuine and really wanna​ help me out!”. Simplicity was another key factor and the colours we had selected flows well with our mission statement on the home page and our logo ( I.E: We want to be the light in the darkness, a genuine best friend ). The genuine best friend is mainly conveyed through our font and logo ( aesthetically speaking ) .

We’ve also put in a lot of great thought, minds, money and time into our logo as well. You can check out the full process of it and the work behind it In This Cases Study.

Absolutely! We have a full team of security experts watching over our servers and actively working to further improve our technical infrastructures. We also rely on highly reputable third party entities to not only verify our legitimacy but also our security. You can verify​ this in looking at the green section of the url address bar in your browser and by clicking on our security badges ( that had been issued by leading security experts ) in the footer of our sites.
We remove all of the noise & frustration out there and get you focusing on your business’ growth and success. For an example, with some of our services, you will merely convey your vision, pay 50% of the estimated cost up front and when the goal has been met/surpassed you will then decide on how much of the remaining amount you wish to pay according to your overall satisfaction. This is only made possible as we guarantee the quality of our work by covering any potential profit loss in working with you.

In addition to all of this, we offer monthly financing options with interest that ranges from zero to ten percent! This way, you have absolutely no excuse to get started!

The unlimited usages fall under our fair use agreement stated in the T.O.S. Heavy abusers who refuse to upgrade their plan appropriately are subjected to extra fees or suspension of their services as you will have a plenty of free consultation and upgrading opportunities ahead of time. For an examples, the Unlimited Bandwidth usage allows a large traffic to visit you without throttling your site or turning them away. However, if you receive more than 50k-100k visitors a month on average, you will need to upgrade to a VPS/Dedicated server as a part of our fair use terms. This shouldn’t matter as if you receive that much traffic, it’s a good idea to be on a more of a powerful host to serve your visitors without any technical issues.

Overall this assures that all of our clients on our shared environments get a terrific quality of service!

Refund Policy: Best friends are not suppose to make you unhappy in any way, after all they are the shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling down. If you feel like we’ve let you down, let us know and we will give your money back if a purchase was within 30 days. Additionally, we will provide a refund in credits if it was within 60 days of purchase!

Furthermore, another thing that we are most proud of ourselves for is that we offer financing options on all of our services at zero to very low rates. Please ask a team member about it if this is something that you might really need!